2 Best Vertical Packing Machines for Packing Candy

09 Jun 2023

Soontrue is a professional candy packaging machine supplier in China and launch a series of vertical packing machines for many candy manufacturers. Then, in this post, the author would list the 2 best vertical packing machines which are good packers for your candy business!

Vertical Packing Machine

Vertical Packing Machine

The weight always is a tricky problem in the candy business, because the candy is too small to control. Then, Soontrue also put much effort on researching this issue and successfully overcome the problem.

This ZL180-PX vertical packing machine is one of the best candy packaging machines, because it has multi-head weighers, so it can ensure accuracy in each package and improve packing efficiency. Also, with years of research, Soontrue also developed many functional features to help the candy factory improve its business.

First, this vertical packing machine has got optimized in the design, so the operator easily operates the machine. With the intuitive controls and an ergonomic interface, operating the machine is a breeze, as a result, you also reduce the employee training cost.

Second, this vertical packing machine’s compact structure not only saves valuable floor space in your facility but also enhances stability during operation. This stability minimizes vibrations and ensures consistent and reliable performance, allowing you to maintain high productivity levels without compromise.

Third, Equipped with a sophisticated servo controlling system, this vertical packing machine offers intelligent adjustments and higher accuracy, adapting seamlessly to the packaging requirements of various products. This flexibility allows you to pack different items with ease, optimizing your packaging process for maximum efficiency.

Stand Up Pouch Bags Machine

This stand up pouch bags packaging machine is the second best machine which is specially designed for the candy package.

With its optimized machine design and compact structure, this stand up pouch bags packaging machine guarantees stable performance, ensuring seamless operation for all your packaging needs. The stand up pouch bags packaging machine is intelligently engineered to provide a user-friendly experience. Every aspect of the design has been optimized to enhance convenience, allowing operators to efficiently manage the packaging process.

This stand up pouch bags packaging machine is equipped with specially designed key components, our machine excels in delivering rapid packing speeds. This allows for increased productivity and shorter production cycles, giving your business a competitive edge.

To further enhance its flexibility, this stand up pouch bags packaging machine is compatible with multiple weighing system options, from multi-head weighers, augers, electric scales, volume cups, and more. This machine allows you to tailor the packaging process according to the characteristics of your products.

Where to Buy the Best Vertical packing machine for Your Candy Factory?

Then, you may think where can I buy these two best packing machines? And, are this brand worthy to trust? In this section, the author would give a complete introduction to Soontrue to let you know why choosing Soontrue is a wise choice.

Established in 1993, Soontrue has been dedicated to research and development, production, sales, and service of cutting-edge Horizontal and Vertical packing machines, as well as fully automatic packing systems. Our innovative solutions are tailored specifically for the bakery industry, ensuring optimal efficiency and product preservation.

With a track record of excellence, Soontrue supplies over 3000 packing solutions to customers worldwide each year. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has propelled us to become a trusted name in the industry.

Spanning an impressive 41,300 square meters and employing over 600 highly skilled professionals, Foshan Soontrue has created an environment conducive to innovation and efficient factory management. We pride ourselves on achieving ISO 9001 certification, as well as CE certification for our machines, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.


All in all, these two best vertical packing machine is the ideal option for your candy business. If you want to purchase some packing machines to expand your business, you can contact Soontrue. Soontrue would be your best packaging machine manufacturer.