Food Automatic Production Machinery

The food automatic production machinery is a machine that can make food automatically, such as dumplings, wontons, and siomai.

As one of the leading companies manufacturing machines, Soontrue provides professional and effective dumpling making machines that can make all kinds of dumplings in various shapes, for example, lace dumplings, hand-made dumplings, goldfish wontons, and siomai.

Features of Dumpling Making Machine

With pre-made dough and stuffing, the machine can complete the processes of skin pressing & making, stuffing filling, and dumpling forming. With humanity's design, the entire machine just has 8 buttons, so it’s easy to operate.

The dumpling making machine adopts a new patent for the dough rolling system with an offcut returning device and dumpling forming system. Compared to the traditional dumpling machine, this integrated dumpling machine has lower requirements for the dough and stuffing, higher efficiency in the use of the dough, and higher yield.