Application scenarios of full servo flow wrap machine

08 Dec 2021

1. Rubber tire industry: steel wire belt production line, double compound extruder, inner liner extrusion production line, steel wire calender, steel cord cutting machine, heavy-duty internal mixer, radial tire wire machine, etc.
2. Machinery industry: machining centers, CNC punching machines, plate shears, bending machines, PLC program controllers, various automobile testing equipment, assembly equipment, welding equipment.
3. Hotel industry: Program-controlled switches, dry cleaning machines (washing machines), treadmills, central air conditioners, bowling equipment, etc.
4. Medical industry: monitors, CT control boxes, B-ultrasound machines, electrocardiogram (electroencephalogram) testers, hemodialysis machines, X-ray machines, slicers, temperature controllers, etc.
5. Food industry: homogenizer, sterilizer, labeling machine, can making machine, flow controller, sealing machine and various packaging machines, coffee machines, etc.
6. Elevator industry: door control and floor control of various elevators.
7. Printing industry: laser phototypesetting, proofing equipment, automatic punching machine, exposing machine; printing machine, offset printing machine, rotary machine; inkjet printer, folding machine, perfect binding machine, paper cutter, sewing machine; all Automatic corrugated cardboard (box) production line, automatic paper feeding and gluing machine, computerized three-side bag sealing machine, shaftless high-speed full-width offset printing machine, etc.
The application field of ffull servo flow wrap machine is very wide. With the development of technology, the future of full-servo flow packaging machine is also very broad.