Adjustment method of full servo flow wrap machine&Precautions

08 Dec 2021

Full servo flow wrap machine adjustment test example
1. Start the straightening machine or material rack, and slowly release the material;
2. Adjust the position of the 2 stopper wheels according to the width of the material, so as not to hinder the movement of the material;
3. Put the loose cylinder on the stage, put the material between the upper and lower rollers, lower the cylinder to press the material, adjust the air pressure gauge to avoid the pressure of the material is not tight and slip, to prevent the servo feeder from feeding inaccurate. And when the thickness of the material changes , Must be readjusted;
4. After setting the feeding length, depending on the actual situation, set the feeding speed accordingly. The setting method is described in detail above;
5. After the relevant parameters of the servo feeder feeding are set, due to the approximate number, the actual feeding length is not the same as the set value, so in the manual mode, press the feeding test, punching, stroke, and stamping. Adjust the actual length of the feeding material;
6. The adjustment of the feed start is adjusted by the rotary cam of the punch. The so-called feed start signal is to start at which angle of the punch crankshaft.