Advantages of packaging machine

27 Jul 2021

Advantages of packaging machine
Chinese packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize this opportunity. The comprehensive upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment is the general trend of packaging machinery development in China and the world. The main features of the renewal are: a large number of modern high-precision technologies, electronic technologies, microelectronics technologies, edge technologies, and fuzzy technologies used in civil and military industries are transplanted to accelerate and further improve the reliability, safety, The level of automation such as unmanned operation. Intelligence will enter the entire field of packaging machinery and production lines. In todays world, Japan is the first to be the first to upgrade packaging machinery equipment and production lines, earning a lot of dollars in this field. The Four Little Dragons in Southeast Asia have followed in Japan's footsteps and have unwilling performance in the manufacturing of packaging machinery equipment and production lines. In the European Community, the pace of upgrading of packaging machinery and production lines in Italy is much faster than that of other member states. The method of upgrading is to replace some parts, components or key components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit, so that the production capacity, performance, efficiency, model and assembly methods of the original packaging machinery equipment or production line can be achieved. Get updated. In this way, most of the components and parts of the unit are reused, which not only improves the value of the equipment, but also saves raw materials and a large amount of labor, and reduces the cost. This development trend shows that packaging machinery equipment and production lines are becoming more and more standardized, serialized, integrated, assembled, and online. Civil and military high technology will also enter the entire field of packaging machinery and equipment more and more widely. Fierce market competition will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of upgrading and technological transformation of packaging machinery and equipment in all walks of life.
Packaging machinery and equipment, production line manufacturing groups and multinational companies in many countries in the world are investing huge amounts of funds and organizing professionals to conduct development and research, and strive to accelerate the process of mechanical and electrical integration of packaging machinery and equipment. The key content of its development and research can be summarized as follows: 1. Develop models that can save energy (water, electricity, oil, gas, etc.) and save resources (raw materials, auxiliary materials, etc.) consumption indicators, and models that can recycle waste materials.  2. Develop models with low energy consumption, high output power, good dynamic stability, low noise and low pollution. 3. Developed a multi-shape packaging machine, which can carry out multi-functional packaging of square, rectangular, round, oval, triangular, pillow-shaped, strip-shaped, and odd-shaped packaging materials. 4. Develop multi-material packaging machine (filling machine, filling machine), which can treat liquid, semi-liquid, viscous, slurry and solid particles, granular, powder, flake, block, strip and A model for multi-functional packaging of items such as strange shapes. 5. Develop multi-functional models for packaging, filling, filling and encapsulation of a variety of substrate bags, which can work on multi-functional packaging of substrates such as paper, plastic, aluminum foil, and composite materials. 6. Develop a multi-substrate bag making machine, which can process and manufacture single multi-layer paper bags and plastic film bags, aluminum foil composite bags and paper-plastic composite bags. 7. Develop a variety of resin molding machines, a variety of resin extruders, a variety of film blowing machines, and a variety of multifunctional resin casting machines.  8. Develop production lines that reduce self-weight, reduce occupied space, compact structure, convenient installation and replacement, less maintenance and no (less) failure operations, as well as online quick repair and non-stop repair.  9. Develop multi-range weighing machines, from grams to kilograms, from kilograms to dozens of kilograms (replacement of weighing, hopper), in addition to improving the mechanical and electronic sensor weighing, develop interference-free light sensor components to ensure that the materials The accuracy of weighing. The development of paper, plastic, coating, printing and other equipment is also a requirement for the development of the packaging machinery industry.  1. Develop a variety of corrugated corrugated units and production lines, which can produce A-type, B-type, C-type and E-type corrugated cardboard production lines under the rapid replacement of butt pressure rolls.  2. Develop a variety of resin two-way stretching units and production lines, mainly replacing the extrusion ascaris, expanding the range of coarse adjustment of the die lip, and designing the aspect ratio, two-way stretching ratio and other related mechanical devices according to the performance of various resins. 3. Develop a variety of coating machines, which can be used for knife coating, air knife coating and metering coating, and can be used for different coatings of various coatings. The thickness of the coating can be finely adjusted. 4. Develop a multifunctional printing machine that can be used for offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing (flexographic printing) not only for paper, but also for plastic film, composite plastic, composite materials, aluminum foil (including vacuum aluminum plating) and other packaging, Decoration materials, etc.