An Amazing Tour of Online Canton Fair

16 Jul 2020

Canton Fair in its history of 63 years is always having the exhibition at Guangzhou , with buyers and vender face to face communication to support the global trading since the establishment of ROC.  But due to the pandemic of COVID 19 , Guangzhou government made a change to turn it on-line. And Soontrue as an innovation enterprise we always try new staff and so we participated without hesitation. 

On the first day the fair ,we were already able to show our machine production line .Soontrue’s machine production , as unique in the food packing machine industry , consist of horizontal smart ware house system,  smart delivery system, once a frame or a machine based is entering the storage , system will assign it with a bar code which contains its order number , and order details , and locate it in certain chamber in the ware house , when it is needed , the system will identify and choose the part according to order information . And after the part reaches the robot arm station, the robot arm starts the assembling work. The robot arm finishes the assembling work which needs shifting machine position or position difficult for manual assembling . And normally its work will be finished within 10 minutes , and after that the machine will be move to manual stations for standard finishing like electrical wiring, door assembling , foot wheel assembling ,etc. The production line finishes most of the standard assembly work apart from the customized modification, greatly improve the efficiency and assembling precision, helping Soontrue provide customer with a quick delivery.  

And this time of online fair , Soontrue also presented its innovation with its new machine models. During this fair. New models like SI 150 on-edge biscuit packing machine, HB-320 Shrimp Back Splitting and Peeling Machine, and the XSJ10A Full Servo Compact Sealing type Dumpling Machine.  While the on-edge packing machine is fulfilling new demand from existing customers and filling technical gap , the HB-320 and XSJ10A are both the new products entering the food processing field and XSJ10A is even the first machine with sealed working station and auto dough recycle.  Soontrue as an innovation company is not only repeating what he was doing, but also expanding into food processing industry and trying to provide customer more options. And  
Soontrue is also a company with professional experience, during the history of Soontrue , we provided thousands of sorting and packing line solution for customers all over the world. This time we did not miss our packing line either. During the fair, as preparation for gift market of the coming mid-autumn festival, our customer already ordered packing line for traditional food mooncakes and rice crackers. We are able to show the commissioning of those machines and explain the working process of them each. The perfect coordination between machines were impressing customers from Dali group, who were carrying on with their inspection before delivery.  

After daytime show , our export sales team also provides night FAQ time for customer who is interested in machines shown in day time. The night show is not only showing details of machine, but we were able to show the working status of our assembling engineers at night, customers can see the a live Soontrue as energetic as in daytime. With the stimulation regulation , in Soontrue everyone finds his value in company and with the same goal and direction as the company. This makes Soontrue a spontaneous working company rather than being pushed by life.  
 Now that the online Canton Fair is ended and in Soontrue this season of Canton Fair ended with joy and passion. Soontrue present what he shall to present and Customer see what they were eager to see, and our export team got a very active and precious experience of showing ourselves and our products in front of camera.

Let’s hope for the next season of Canton Fair, a face to face fair between China and world.

See you there !