Classification and difference of packing machine

17 Sep 2021

At present, the packing machine and equipment market can be divided into two parts in terms of the degree of automation. One part is a fully automatic packing machine, and another part is a semi-automatic packing machine. This division looks clear, but there are still many people who are vague about the division of automatic packing machine and semi-automatic packing machine, and the advantages and disadvantages of both parties are not well understood. The problem makes many people do not know what kind of packing machine is suitable for them.

1. There is a significant gap between the production efficiency of semi-automatic packing machine and full-automatic packing machine. Full-automatic packing machine adopts advanced and fully automated technology. Obviously, its production efficiency is higher than that of semi-automatic packing machine, which can save a lot of money. Labor, but this technology is limited when packaging products, and the adjustable range is relatively narrow. Therefore, the advantage of the semi-automatic packing machine in this respect can make up for the problem of production efficiency.

2. Both semi-automatic packing machines and fully automatic packing machines are automatic packing machines, both of which are relatively advanced modern production and packaging equipment. Both have high-end packaging technology, but there are many differences in minor issues. In terms of automation, the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic is that one relies on labor and the other is unmanned operation. In comparison, The production efficiency of the semi-automatic packing machine may be slightly worse, and the production efficiency of the fully automatic packing machine should be obviously superior.

3. In terms of cost performance, the automatic packing machine has no advantages over the semi-automatic packaging machine. The working process of the semi-automatic packaging machine is completed by a combination of mechanical and manual labor, and its work efficiency is higher than that of ordinary packaging machinery. In summary As mentioned, in terms of technology, fully automatic packaging machines have more advanced advantages, while semi-automatic packaging machines also have their own advantages. In the production process, there are advantages and disadvantages between the two.