Do you know what are the features of dumpling making machine

08 Feb 2022

1. Scientific structure and automatic forming: According to the forming characteristics of the dumpling making machine, it adopts the principle of dual-control bidirectional synchronous quantitative feeding. There is no need to make another dough belt during production. Just put the dough and fillings into the designated entrance and start the machine. Dumplings are automatically produced.

2. Simple operation and strong controllability: the amount of filling and the thickness of the dough can be adjusted at any time. The dumplings produced have thin skin and full filling, and the production speed is fast, saving labor and time.

3. Unique design, multi-purpose in one machine: pastry foods of different shapes and specifications can be produced just by changing the mold. Such as: ordinary dumplings, lace dumplings, square dumplings, pot stickers, spring rolls, coffee dumplings, wontons, noodles, etc.

4. Well-selected materials and precision manufacturing: In order to meet the safety and hygiene requirements of the modern food industry, the main components of the dumpling making machine are manufactured with precision, low resistance, good molding, wear resistance and pressure resistance, convenient disassembly, cleaning, and durability.
dumpling making machine