Features and scope of application of vertical packaging machine

08 Dec 2021

1. Improve production efficiency: The improvement of production efficiency here refers to the comparison with manual packaging. For stationery packaging, for example, an experienced operator may be able to pack more than a dozen products per minute, while the vertical packaging machine can pack hundreds of products per minute, and the efficiency can be said to be increased by more than ten times.
    2. Improve production quality: In order to ensure the beauty and convenience of transportation, when packaging products, the size and specifications are often required to be unified, but manual packaging inevitably causes errors, and vertical packaging machines are used for packaging, which is fully mechanical. Easily reach specifications.
    3. Reduce the difficulty of production: In the traditional packaging industry, some packaging operations are very difficult or even impossible to achieve, such as vacuum packaging. The use of vertical packaging machine mechanical packaging can save this trouble.
    4. Reduce the labor of workers: At this stage, the vertical packaging machines are basically based on mechanical operation, and most of them can realize semi-automatic or even fully automated operations. Not only for workers, labor intensity is greatly reduced, but for enterprises, it can save a lot of money. Labor costs.
    Function characteristics and scope of application: This machine can be matched with automatic weighing machine, measuring cup measuring machine, manual feeding conveyor and screw measuring machine. The packaging range is wide, suitable for packaging all kinds of loose particles, blocks, strips and powder objects.

There are different models of vertical packaging machine, and their functions will vary accordingly. Please consult with customer service for your requirements before purchasing the machine.