Features and uses of shrimp peeling machine

11 Oct 2021

Shrimp peeling machine provides high-efficiency, large-capacity and high-yield effects, with a wide range of peeling, whether it is wild-caught and farmed shrimp. Each stripping system is processed and assembled using durable materials, and high-quality services make your benefits even greater.
Shrimp peeling machine cleaning: cleaning the raw materials and removing solid contaminants (rocks, glass, shells, sand, etc.) using gravity and adjustable water flow to reduce equipment wear and improve product quality; conveying: automatic feeding system to remove (with ) The head shrimp evenly keeps multiple stripping lines running at full load, automatic ingredients with integrated weighing eliminates insufficient or excessive delivery, while minimizing product damage according to throughput; optimized stripping technology retains quality, texture and pigmentation; purification and Separation: Separation of shrimp meat and shrimp shells; Inspection and optimization: Inspection belt simplifies the grading optimization station before physical inspection (with advanced vision technology, objectively measures and follow-up process performance). It greatly reduces the number of inspectors required and ensures the peeling of shrimp meat.
Shrimp peeling machine provides efficient, large-capacity, high-yield durable material processing assembly parts and optimization services for stripping, supporting services, optimizing your processes and continuously expanding your profitability.
The good touch screen interface of the shrimp peeler allows the entire peeling system to be operated from a single position. The flexible platform can be easily reconfigured to control any additional stripping system. Remote Internet access greatly reduces installation and commissioning time, and facilitates remote diagnosis and easy software updates.