How much do you know about dumpling making machine

08 Feb 2022

Steamed food has been favored by the Chinese since ancient times, and steamed buns and dumplings are an indispensable delicacy on our Chinese table. Today, I will introduce a kind of machine equipment—dumpling making machine, so that you can make dumplings easily and worry-free from now on.

The dumpling making machine puts the fermented dough and mixed fillings into the machine, and then the machine can make the dumplings from processing to shaping by itself. It's all automatic.

According to the output, it can be divided into two types. One is the output speed of 3,600 pieces per hour, which is adjustable. The dumpling making machine is scientifically designed in accordance with the requirements of the pastry technology to ensure the fineness of the products, so that the pastry has good elasticity and smooth taste, far exceeding the manual and other similar products.

The structure of dumpling making machine is reasonable and simple. From molding to filling, to the surface and the control board, they are all driven by independent motors, which are not prone to associated failures. Because of the simple structure, maintenance and cleaning are convenient.
dumpling making machine