Introduction to the principle and characteristics of the packing machine

12 Aug 2021

The working principle of the packing machine is to complete the packaging through tension, heat capacity, tape cutting, and bonding. The professional packing machine factory produces a wide range of applications. No matter the size of the packaging, it can be packed without adjusting the machine. The packing machine is a mechanical structure, and some of the imported packing machine parts are used. The rear blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, and the packing machine is at a reasonable price.

The packaged object is basically in the middle of the packing machine. First, the right top body rises, and the front end of the belt is compressed, and the belt is tightened to the object. Then the left top body rises, compresses the appropriate position of the lower belt, and the heating sheet extends into the middle of the two belts. , The top knife rises, cuts off the strap, and finally sends the next strapping strap to its place to complete a work cycle.

The packing machine is a machine that uses packaging tapes to wrap products or packages, then tighten them and fuse the two ends through thermal effects or connect them with materials such as buckles. The function of the packing machine is to make the plastic belt close to the surface of the strapped package, to ensure that the package is not scattered due to inadequate strapping during transportation and storage, and it should be strapped neatly and beautifully.