Precautions for operating the granule packing machine

08 Nov 2021

1. Preventive measures
   (1) During the operation, attention should be paid to whether the sound of the machine is coordinated, and the abnormal operation sound before the accident can be quickly identified.
  (2) After the film is loaded, if it is not activated for a long time, the heat of the longitudinal sealing rod will continue to be transferred to the film, causing the film to burn out. At this time, the three nuts should be rotated clockwise to separate the two longitudinal sealing rods and the two transverse sealing rods from each other.
  (3) The surfaces of the longitudinal sealing rod and the transverse sealing rod should be cleaned frequently with a copper brush. If polyethylene and dust adhere to the surface of the heating rod, the heat sealability will be poor, which will cause the tension of the longitudinal sealing rod to weaken and the packaging will lose its balance.
   (4) When inspecting, cleaning and repairing, the power switch of the machine should be turned off.
  (5) During operation, hands and other objects shall not be near between the transverse sealing rod and the cutting knife.
   2. Follow the principles
   1. If an abnormal phenomenon is found in the particle packaging machine during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the abnormal phenomenon can be corrected before it can be used.
   2. The parts and lubrication of the pellet packaging machine should be checked every shift. 20# lubricating oil should be added to keep the parts lubricated and prolong the service life, otherwise it will shorten the service life.
  3. Each shift should check the end face of the transverse heat-sealed copper block. If there is foreign matter on the surface, it should be cleaned up in time, otherwise the seal will be uneven or not firm.
  4. If the pellet packaging machine stops using, flush the residue in the pipeline with clean water in time to keep the pipeline clean to ensure the packaging quality next time it is used.
   5. When using in winter, if the temperature is lower than 0°C, hot water must be used to melt the frozen objects in the metering pump and pipeline. If it does not melt, the connecting rod may break and become unusable, or the machine may not start.
                  The above are the points to pay attention to during the use of the granule packing machine