The main composition and function of grain pouch packing machine

11 Oct 2021

The grain pouch packaging unit is mainly composed of a bag making machine, a filling machine, a gas filling (exhausting), a vacuum sealing machine, and a heat shrinkable film packaging machine. The bag making machine prints the trademark, pattern, and description on the packaging material to make it into a square standing bag. The main processes are bag forming, vertical sealing, edge folding forming, photoelectric positioning, bottom K-sealing, bottom horizontal sealing and cutting, automatically completing the bag-making process. The filling machine is to take the finished packaging bag, hold the bag, check whether there is a bag, blanking, and pre-sealing. The working principle of the inflating and vacuum sealing machine is to connect the 6 stations through the rotating air distribution mechanism, inflate or vacuum seal the filled packaging bags through the station switch, and transfer them to the conveyor chain for subsequent heating. Shrink packaging. The heat-shrinkable packaging machine is to seal the finished product, arranged in groups of 5 or 10 bags, and use heat-shrinkable film for heat-shrink packaging to facilitate the packing and transportation of the product.

Features of grain pouch packaging unit:

① Realize the small-dose packaging of grains, especially fine grains, to facilitate the circulation field.

②The packaging form of flat (pillow) bags is changed to square standing bag packaging, which has the advantages of convenient storage, no pouch on the shelf, and beautiful packaging appearance.

 ③Rotary multi-station filling, the filling, vacuuming and sealing are completed in multiple stations, and the output is high.

④The packaging measurement is adjustable, and the packaging material adopts composite film, or according to user requirements, composite packaging films such as aluminum-plastic composite and paper-plastic composite can be selected.
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