The performance and characteristics of the vertical packaging machine.

28 Apr 2021

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, vertical packaging machines are becoming more and more popular among merchants. Vacuum packaging, as a packaging form that improves product quality, is becoming more and more popular in the market. After being vacuum-packed, the food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage.

Vertical packaging machines have many classifications according to the objects to be packaged. For example, our common single-type vacuum packaging machine, double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, vertical vacuum packaging machine, external pumping vacuum packaging machine, stretch film continuous vacuum packaging machine, rolling vacuum packaging machine, etc. The function of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, and use a vacuum pump to extract the air in the studio to form a negative pressure state. The specific working mode is to first extract the air in the vacuum chamber, and then extract the air in the vacuum packaging bag. When it reaches the set value At the time of pumping air, the heating device starts to seal, then delays, and then deflates. The rolling vacuum machine is a kind of vacuum machine. It is driven by a chain to continuously roll forward under the action of an air cylinder to complete the reciprocating work.

The working principle of the rolling vacuum packaging machine is to use the chain to transport, automatically swing the cover, and continuously output the product. This machine adopts chain drive, and the operation table where the product is placed can follow the continuous cycle operation of the chain to the conveyor belt. This machine is composed of a transmission system, a vacuum system, a heat sealing system, a control system, and a water cooling system. The vacuum pump is installed outside the machine, and the transmission system and electrical system are inside the boxes on both sides of the machine. The upper cover of the vacuum chamber of this machine is an automatic swing cover type, which is different from the left and right automatic swing cover of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. Its swing cover method is a lifting type, and the equipment is opened, closed, and stepped. , The feeding is driven by a motor, which can ensure the synchronization and accuracy of the transmission. At the same time, this can also reduce electrical control, make machine operation easier, and greatly reduce the failure rate.

The transmission part of the vertical packaging machine adopts a full mechanical structure such as a connecting rod device and a fine indexing structure. Because it runs at a low speed, the stability and durability of the machine are guaranteed. The use of a high-speed rotary locator makes the conveyor belt stepping more accurate, and automatically reduces errors every time it rotates, which improves production efficiency while ensuring the quality of output products.

Although the vertical packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber, the sealing size is 1000mm. The vacuum chamber has a large space and can place multiple products at one time. If the length of your packaging bag does not exceed 550mm after the product is packed, it can be packaged. Yes, we can also customize different models such as single-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine and double-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine according to the size of the product. The double-seal type rolling vacuum packaging machine, so that two rows of products can be placed at one time, and the production efficiency becomes twice that of the single-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine.