The use and advantages of dumpling packing machine

11 Oct 2021

1. The fully automatic dumpling machine adopts the molding characteristics of simulating the pressing and wrapping of hand-made dumplings, and the principle of dual-control two-way quantitative feeding. There is no need to make dumpling wrappers during production, just put the dough and fillings into the inlet and start the machine. Dumplings can be produced automatically;

2. In accordance with the requirements of the pastry process, minimize the friction with the dough to ensure that the dumplings have a soft taste, good elasticity, beautiful appearance and good three-dimensional impression, which are comparable to handmade dumplings;

3. One machine for multiple purposes. As long as you change the mold, you can produce pastry foods of different shapes and specifications, such as spring rolls, wontons, hot pot dumplings, pearl dumplings, samosas, lace dumplings, pot sticker dumplings, etc.;

4. Suitable for a variety of preparations: the dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried, and fried. Spring rolls, samosas and curry are especially delicious. The most important thing is that they are suitable for rapid freezing and storage. They are ideal microwave foods. ;

5. The size of the product is uniform, the thickness of the dough, the amount of filling, and the speed of making dumplings can be adjusted at will. It can be operated freely in 5 minutes. One or two people with no experience can operate the machine;

6. The body is light and handy, occupies a small area, and is easy to move. The main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the appearance is beautiful, which meets the national food hygiene standards;

7. The conveying surface and forming parts adopt special anti-adhesion technology, with low resistance, good forming, and easy maintenance, disassembly and cleaning;

8. It is suitable for making dumplings with meat filling, mixed meat and vegetable filling, whole vegetable filling and other kinds of filling, suitable for various working environments;

9. High working efficiency, 7200 dumplings per hour can be produced.
dumpling packing machine