Troubleshooting of automatic tape cutting of packing machine

08 Nov 2021

1. The middle knife bearing is broken. If the bearing of the middle knife is broken, the automatic strapping machine cannot cut the belt normally. In this case, the bearing needs to be replaced.
   2. The middle knife is worn out. There are cutting edges on both sides of the middle knife. If the tape cannot be cut normally for this reason, you should switch to the other side.
   3. The tube pin of the middle knife is broken. Check the tube pin of the middle knife. If it breaks, use a small punch to punch out the broken pin and insert a new tube pin.
   4. The strapping force of the automatic baler is adjusted too tightly. If the strapping machine cannot be cut normally due to the over-tightening of the strapping machine, the nut needs to be adjusted.
   5. There is oil on the slippery sheet or the tightened drive belt. If there is oil in these two parts, you need to remove the slip sheet to remove the oil, wipe it dry and install it in the original order.
   6. The drive belt is too loose. If the drive belt of the baler is too loose, adjust the drive frame seat down or the motor backward to make the belt tensioner.
  7. From the aspect of strapping, the reason that the strapping machine does not cut the strap may be that the thickness of the PP strapping strap and the gap between the rollers are too large, and the gap between the unrolling rollers is adjusted to be 0.05-0.1mm thicker than the strap.
   8. There is another possibility that the magnetron of the automatic packing machine is malfunctioning, falling off or damaged

The above is the whole content of how the automatic packing machine does not automatically cut the tape. If you want to solve some of the problems of the packing machine, there are maintenance tips on the company's official website, and there are more kinds of packing machines for you to choose.