Ultimate Guide to Vertical Packaging Machine

28 Mar 2023

Pacing modern technology, the packing industry has developed an automatic packaging system to meet industrial packing needs. The vertical packaging machine is one of the popular products. In this post, the author would give a full guide to the vertical packing machine.

What is Vertical Packing Machine?

As its name implies, the vertical packing machine is designed to pack the products into bags or pouches in a vertical orientation. Therefore, it also includes the vertical pouch packing machine and doypack vertical packaging machine. These machines typically use a vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) process, where a roll of packaging material is formed into a tube, filled with product, and sealed at the top and bottom to create a finished package.
Vertical packing machines are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries to package products such as snack foods, coffee, pet food, spices, and more. They are often preferred over other packaging machines due to their high efficiency, versatility, and ability to package a wide range of products.

How Does Vertical Packing Machine Work?

A vertical packing machine is a type of packaging equipment that is used to fill and package products such as powders, granules, and liquids into pouches or bags. The machine uses a vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) process, which involves the following steps:

●Film unwinding: Place the packaging film on a spindle assembly at the rear of the machine. Then, unwind the packaging film and fed it into the machine.

●Vertical forming: The film is pulled downward and folded in half to form a tube.

●Product filling: The product is dispensed into the tube through a filling tube or funnel.

●Sealing: The edges of the film are sealed together, forming a pouch or bag.

●Cutting: The pouch or bag is cut from the continuous film tube.

●Discharge: The finished pouch or bag is discharged from the machine.

The vertical packing machine can be used with different types of packaging films, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminate films, depending on the product being packaged. The machine can also be equipped with different types of filling systems, such as volumetric, auger, or liquid pumps, to accommodate different types of products.

What Are the Features of Vertical Packing Machines?

Generally speaking, various vertical packaging machines have various features, due to the various design and needs. In this section, the author would list Soontrue’s vertical packing machine to let you get a basic understanding of its features of the vertical packing machine.

1. Entire machine design is more optimized for more convenient operation. The simple design would let the operation easier and make the staff easily get the operation procedures of the machine.
2. Compact machine structure for more stable working. The company design ensures the stable working of the machine.
3. Key components are specially designed, with fast packing speed.
4. Servo controlling system: Intelligent adjustment with higher accuracy is more flexible for packing different products.
5. The vertical packing machine is capable of packing with various bag shapes such as pillow-type packages, hole punching bags, and conjoint bags.
6. Different kinds of weighing systems are options, such as multi-head weigher, auger, electric scale, electric scale, volume cup, and so on.

Where to Buy Vertical Packing Machine?

If you want to invest in a vertical packing machine for your business, you can consult Soontrue. Soontrue is reckoned as one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of vertical packing machine. A variety of vertical packing machine is available in Soontrue, such as vertical cartoning machine, vertical pouch packing machine, doypack vertical packaging machine, etc.
Established in 1993, Soontrue is dedicated to the research & development, production, sales, and service of vertical packing machines and fully automatic packing system. Owning over 600 staffand a factory spanning 41,300 square meters, Soontrue is capable of manufacturing vertical packing machines which fully meet your specific needs. Then, owning the ISO 9001 and CE certifications, Soontrue machines are known for their high quality and reliability. Soontrue has a strong R&D team committed to developing customized products for customers and launching new products.


All in all, the vertical packing machine is a versatile, accurate, and efficient machine used to pack a wide range of products into bags or pouches. Its simple working principle and ease of use make it an essential component of many production lines.
If you are looking for a vertical packing machine for food packages, you can consult Soontrue, a reliable and famous food packing machine manufacturer.