What are the commonly used optional configurations for vertical packaging machines?

21 May 2021

Most people have this problem when buying a vertical packaging machine. If I not only want to pack my products in bags, I also have some special requirements for the product packaging, such as nitrogen filling and packaging. Hole, can the vertical packaging machine equipment be realized? In fact, the vertical packaging machine can be equipped with different devices to meet the individual needs of customers. The following is a brief introduction to the optional configuration of the vertical packaging machine.

1. Double servo motors.

The vertical packaging machine is usually equipped with only one servo motor, which is used for the control of the whole machine. However, if the customer wants to increase the packaging speed, one more servo motor can be added to independently control the packaging host and weighing equipment, so that the packaging speed of the vertical packaging machine can be increased.

2. The punching device of the vertical packaging machine.

There are vent holes and hanging holes. The vent hole is to install a punching device in the packaging host, and realize the exhaust function by punching a hole in the corresponding position on the film. This punching function can be operated and set through the machine interface. The hanging hole is to add a hole punching device to the horizontal sealing equipment, and punch holes on the horizontal cover of the bag to realize the hanging function.

3. The inflation device of the vertical packaging machine.

An inflatable pipe connection is added to the former, and the required gas is filled in the process of packaging the bag to realize the inflatable function.

4. Gusseting device of vertical packaging machine.

Gusseting devices are installed on both sides of the longitudinal sealing device. The gusseting device has two triangle-like patches. Through the insertion of the patches, the two sides of the bag form a phoenix at a certain angle and depth.

5. The sorting tray of the vertical packaging machine.

Install a round sorting tray at the end of the finished product conveyor to allow the finished product to rotate on the sorting tray, leaving enough time for the workers to carry out secondary packaging.

6. Anti-static device of vertical packaging machine.

Some small particles are prone to dust when they are packaged. These dusts are easy to adhere to the film under the action of static electricity, resulting in a loose seal. Although the film has been subjected to static removal treatment when it leaves the factory, there is still a little static electricity during the transportation of the film. Therefore, you can choose to install an anti-static device in front of the horizontal sealing device to remove the static electricity of the film in depth.

In addition to the above optional devices, the vertical packaging machine also has a four-side sealing device, a PE horizontal sealing film stretching device, a bag-connecting device, a dust removal device, a bag-connecting device, and so on.