What is Automatic Cartoning Machine?

20 Sep 2023

Since the rapid development of online shopping and the express industry, we found that carton packing has become one of the useful package methods. Also, you also find that online shopping lovers usually have a stack of carton boxes in their homes or basement.

Do you ever be curious about what machine can make the carton box neat and usually have various sizes to meet the various items?
In this post, you can discover something knowledge you don't know. You can learn some basic knowledge of cartoning machines. The cartoning machine is an indispensable equipment in the auto box packing system.

What is Automatic Cartoning Machine?

An automatic cartoning machine is a special packing machine that is used in various industries to automate the process of packaging products into cartons or boxes. An automatic cartoning machine typically includes a vertical cartoning machine and a horizontal cartoning machine.

What is A Cartoning Machine Used for?

The cartoning machine is mainly used in various industries for packing items. The cartoning machine is an important part of the packaging line.

How Does The Cartoning Machine Work?

The working process of the cartoning machine is different from other typical packing machines. The automatic cartoning machine is able to carton erection from the magazine, inserts the products accurately, and seals the carton with tuck or glue options.
The whole working process of carton box packing machine includes product feeding, carton erecting, product orientation and insertion, carton closure, quality control, ejection and discharge, and control and monitoring.

What are the Applications of Cartoning Machines?

As above mentioned, the automatic cartoning machine is commonly seen in various industries. Here are the main applications of the cartoning machine:

●Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the vertical cartoning machine is used for packing medications, blister packs, vials, and other healthcare products. The package can ensure the secured sealing of the medicine and prevent it from contamination and tampering.

●Cosmetics and Personal Care

A vertical cartoning machine can be used for packing cosmetic items such as makeup, skincare products, perfumes, and toiletries. The package can prevent cosmetic items from being polluted.

●Food and Beverage

An automatic cartoning machine is commonly seen in the food and beverage industry because it is widely used to package a wide range of products, including cereal boxes, frozen food packages, snack bars, juice boxes, and more. An automatic cartoning machine helps maintain product freshness and provides important information such as nutritional labels and expiration dates.

●Automotive Parts

Some cartoning machines are specially designed for the packaging of automotive components, such as filters, spark plugs, and small parts. The horizontal cartoning machine helps organize and protect parts during storage and transport.

●Promotional Items

The horizontal cartoning machine is a good package helper for packing promotional kits, sample packs, and gift sets where products need to be neatly organized and displayed in a horizontal layout within the carton.

What Are The Benefits of Investing Automatic Cartoning Machine?

You may also wonder why the automatic cartoning machine can be used in a wide range of industries. In this section, the author will list the benefits of using cartoning machine.

●Increased Efficiency

The automatic cartoning machine can streamline the packing process and help build up a packing system that requires less labor. An automatic cartoning machine is engineered to pack at high speeds, significantly increasing packaging efficiency.

Also, compared with the labor package, an automatic cartoning machine can pack products much faster than manual labor, leading to higher production output.

●Consistency and Accuracy

With the sophisticated and accurate structure design, an automatic cartoning machine ensures consistent and accurate product packaging. It can precisely position products within cartons, ensuring that each package contains the correct number of items. This consistency helps maintain product quality and reduces the risk of errors.

●Labor Savings

Thanks to the automated system design, an automatic cartoning machine allows businesses to reduce the need for manual labor in packaging, which can lead to substantial cost savings in terms of labor wages, training, and workforce management.

●Faster Changeovers

The cartoning machine has a built-in special operation system, so the business can switch between different product sizes or packaging styles with minimal downtime. This flexibility is essential for handling diverse product lines.


An automatic cartoning machine easily handles various carton styles and sizes, making the package meet the changeable market package needs.


The traceability is the most outstanding feature of the cartoning machine. In the labor package method, it is very difficult for businesses to build up their tracing system. Someone may have no idea about what is the importance of the tracing system. As a matter of fact, the tracing system is one of the useful solutions to help businesses have better control of the product situation. In some special cases, it may help businesses easily get rid of the dilemma.

Then, an automatic cartoning machine allows businesses to monitor and trace individual products or batches throughout the production and packaging process, enhancing quality control and compliance efforts.

What is the Cost Of Automatic Cartoning Machine?

It depends on the machine mode, features, design, and brand. Multiple factors affect the cost of the automatic cartoning machine. If you want to know Soontrue’s price, you can contact us to get the detailed price list.

Is Carton And Cardboard the Same?

The carton and cardboard are not the same product. A carton refers to a container or box used for packaging. On the other hand, the cardboard is a type of material. It refers to a thick, stiff paperboard or paper-based material made from layers of paper pulp that are pressed and glued together.


At last, an automatic cartoning machine can be a leap in the packaging process and improve packing efficiency, as a result, businesses can reduce the cost. And, each type of cartoning machine has its area of expertise. A vertical cartoning machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics and personal care industry. The horizontal cartoning machine is mainly used for packing automotive parts and promotional items.

Soontrue is a comprehensive packaging machine manufacturer, offering a series of carton box packing machine to meet the businesses' specific needs of the package.