What types of bags can the vertical packaging machine make?

18 May 2021

The working principle of the vertical packaging machine is to roll film into a bag. The film referred to here can be either a single-layer film or a composite film; it can be a transparent film or a printed film. Compared with the traditional pre-made bag manual packaging, the advantages of roll film bagging are stable quality, low defective rate, high efficiency and low cost. So, what type of bags can the vertical packaging machine make?

1. Back-seal bag made by vertical packaging machine.

Back-seal bag is the most conventional and most commonly used bag type, because there is a relatively protruding seal in the middle of the back, it is called back-seal bag. In addition to the seal in the middle of the back, it also has a seal on the upper and lower parts. Back-seal bags are widely used, such as puffed foods, seasonings, candies, pickles, etc. For example, potato chips, shrimp crackers, salt, sugar, sauerkraut.

2. Gusset bag made by vertical packaging machine.

Gusseted bags are very similar to back-seal bags. Except for the back-seal and upper and lower seals, both sides of the bag have two inner corners inserted inwards, similar to an organ. This allows the bottom of the bag to form a flat surface after it is filled, allowing it to stand. Gusset bags are mainly used in the packaging of grains, grains and other products. For example, rice, nuts, whole grains.

3. Side sealing bag and four-side sealing bag made by vertical packaging machine.

As the name implies, a three-side sealing bag has three sides with a seal, and only one side does not have a seal. The four-side seal means that all four sides are sealed. The shape of the bag with three-side seal and four-side seal is relatively flat. Mainly used in sauces and powder packaging. Such as tomato sauce, spicy sauce, MSG, coffee powder.

4. Four-side hot bag made by vertical packaging machine.

The four-side hot bag is similar to the gusseted bag, with a middle seal on the back, two upper and lower seals, and an organ on both sides. In addition, his organ has seals on all four sides. The shape of the four-side hot bag is more fashionable and advanced, and the fraud is high. It is more suitable for high-end food packaging, such as coffee powder, coffee beans, milk powder and health products.

In addition, the vertical packaging machine can also do continuous bags, strip bags and so on. For different bag types, it can be realized by adding different bag-making devices to meet the different individual needs of customers.