Everything about Doypack Automatic Packing Machine?

24 Aug 2023

The doy pack is a unique package in the packing industry because it has a stand-up design. The doy pack has become one of the most popular packages in some businesses that look for cost savings and promotion. To ensure the stand up design, a good doy pack packaging machine is needed. In this post, the author will discuss the doy pack and doy pack packaging machine.

What is A Doypack Automatic Packing Machine?

A standard doypack packing machine, also known as a bag pouch packing machine, is an automatic weighing and packing machine featuring stand-up design that specially uses the doypack package. The doypack machine is used to automatically fill and seal flexible pouches with various products. The doypack machine usually packs the powder, granulate, chunky products, pastes, and liquids to be filled and sealed.

Why is It Called A Doy Pack?

The term "Doy" originated from a French engineer named André Doyen. He alongs with his colleague Louis Doyen, patented the concept of a flexible, stand-up pouch with a sealed zipper closure.

They introduced this packaging design in the 1960s as a way to improve the convenience and functionality of flexible pouches. The stand-up feature allows the pouch to remain stable and upright on store shelves, while the resealable zipper closure provides easy access and reclosure for consumers.

As for the “pack”, it just directly indicates the packaging. When combined with "Doy," the term "Doypack" signifies a specific type of flexible pouch with the patented stand-up and resealable features pioneered by André Doyen.

As time goes by, this “doy pack” has become widely adopted as a generic term to describe this type of packaging design, similar to how "Xerox" or "Kleenex" are often used to refer to photocopying or tissues in general, respectively.

How Does the Doypack Automatic Packing Machine Work?

The doypack automatic packing machine operates a series of pre-setup procedures to ensure the products are packed correctly and precisely. The exact operation may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, it still can be summarized as a whole process. In this section, the author will give a typical packing process of the pack machin doypack.

●Pouch Feeding

The first step is the package film used for packing be loaded into the the machine. Then, the packaging film would be pulled out from a roll holder.

The film is guided through various rollers and tension controls to ensure smooth and precise movement.

●Printing of Dates

The date is the crucial information in a package, which provides the information to the consumer about when the product was packaged and can act as a promotion tool.

●Pouch Forming

The film would be formed into a sealing package through a forming station. The bottom of the pouch is typically sealed to form a flat, gusseted, or stand-up shape.

●Product Filling

The machine's dosing system measures the appropriate amount of product (liquids, powders, granules, or solids) to be filled into each pouch. This step is achieved by the volumetric fillers, augers, and weighers.

After that, the products would be released into the pouch through the filling nozzle or chute.

●Zipper or Closure Application

If the Doypack pouch requires a resealable zipper or spout, this feature is often applied in this step.
pack machin doypack
Pack Machin Doypack

What Are The Benefits of Doypack?

With its stand-up feature and soft package material, the doy pack benefits a lot to the commercial field. Here are the main benefits that the doy pack brings:

●Stand-Up Design

Generally speaking, the doypack package has a reinforced bottom that allows it to stand upright on store shelves and in consumer spaces. This feature provides excellent visibility and presentation of the product, making it more attractive to consumers.


Looking through the whole package industry, many package methods are disposable packages. As for the doypack package, it has a resealable zipper closure which allows consumers to open and close the pouch multiple times without compromising the freshness of the contents. This convenience is particularly appreciated for products that are consumed over time, such as snacks, pet food, or personal care products.

●Freshness and Preservation

Thanks to the resealable zipper closure design, the doypack package also helps preserve the freshness, flavor, and quality of the products inside. It prolongs the preservation time, so people can take their time to enjoy the food.

●Reduced Packaging Waste

Doypack pouches often use less material compared to traditional rigid packagings like jars or bottles. This can result in reduced packaging waste and a smaller environmental footprint, as less energy is required to produce and transport lighter packaging materials.

●Lightweight and Space-Efficient

Compared with rigid packaging, the doypack pouches are lightweight and take less storage space, so they help the shipping and storage efficiency.

●Reduced Shipping Costs

Given the lightweight and flexibility of the doypack pouches, the amount of doypack packing method that a car can pack is more than the rigid packing method, as a result, it reduces shipping costs for manufacturers and retailers.

What is the Capacity of the Doy Pack Packaging Machine?

The capacity of doy pack packaging machine varies from several factors, including the type of machine, the product being packaged, the pouch size, and the level of automation.


A mini doypack packing machine used for small businesses or homes has a capacity ranging from minute to around 20-to 30 pouches per minute. The medium-size doy pack packaging machine designed for medium production volumes has a capacity ranging from 30 to 100+ pouches per minute. A standard doypack packing machine usually can produce several hundred pouches per minute or even more, depending on the product and pouch size.

●Automation Level

The automation level also is an important factor affecting the capacity of the doy pack packaging machine. The doypack automatic packing machine has a consistent packing system, so it has better performance in the feeding, filling, sealing, and labeling than the semi-automatic packing machine and manual packing machine.

What is the Price of Doypack Machine?

Generally speaking, the automatic pouch packing machine price usually determined by multiple factors such as the machine's type, production capacity, features, brand reputation, country of manufacture, and the level of automation.

Manual or semi-automatic packing machines are inexpensive because their price ranges from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. However, this price range only be a reference. If you want to get a specific price, you need to consult the pouch packing machine manufacturer.


A rotary doypack packing machine offers a new type of package to many industries. The packaging formed by the rotary doypack packing machine not only can preserve the product but also benefit your business a lot in the transportation, advertisement promotion, and storage plan.

If you want to invest in a rotary doypack packing machine to improve your business, you can contact Soontrue, a professional pouch packaging machine manufacturer in China, which has helped hundreds of factories build up their advanced packing system.