ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
  • ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
  • ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
  • ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
  • ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine
  • ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine

ZL180-PX Vertical Packing Machine | Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine

Mainly used for packing granules, strips, slice, lumps, powder with different packing types.


Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine: Features

1.Entire machine design is more optimized for more convenient operation. 
2. Compact machine structure for more stable working.
3. Key components are specially designed, fast packing speed.
4. Servo controlling system: Intelligent adjustment with higher accuracy is more flexible for packing different products. 
5. Various bag styles: Pillow type package, hole punching bag, conjoint bag and hole punching with conjoint bag.
6. Different kinds of weighing systems are options, such as multi-head weigher, auger, electric scale, electric scale, volume cup and so on.

Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine: Optional accessories

doypack vertical packaging machine

1.multi-head weigher

●  Features


  1. One of the most economic&stable multi-head weigher in the world the best cost-effective
  2. Stagger Dump avoid bigger items pile up
  3. Individual feeder control
  4. User friendly touch screen equipped with multiple language
  5. Compatible with single packaging machine, rotary bagger, cup/bottle machine, tray sealer etc.
  6. 99 preset program for multiple tasks.


doypack vertical packaging machine



  • Features

    The conveyor is applicable for vertical lifting of grain material in departments such as corn, food, fodder and chemical industry, etc. For the lifting machine,

the hopper is driven by the chains to lift. It’s used for vertical feeding of grain or small block material. It has advantages of large lifting quantity and highness.  


doypack vertical packaging machine


●  Features

The supporting platform is solid will not affect the measurement accuracy of the combination weigher.

In addition, the table board is to use the dimple plate, it is more secure, and it can avoid slipping.

●  Specification

The size of the supporting platform is according to the type of the machines.

doypack vertical packaging machine


●  Features
The machine can send the packed finished bag to after-package detecting device or packing platform.


FAQ in Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine


Q1: How should I choose the right VFFS packing machine?

Answer: We will recommend suitable models and configurations based on your product characteristics, size, and package type. Normally, volumetric cup filler or multi-head weigher are optional for granular, block, and flake materials; linear weigher or auger scale for powder; liquid pump for different kind of liquid. For different packaging bag types, such as pillow bags, three-side seal bags, four-side seal bags, pre-made bags, etc., we also have different models to meet your needs.


Q2: I'm worried that I don't know how to operate your machine

Answer: Do not worry. Our pouch packing machine is servo controlled, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of operation and commissioning. Most of the daily operation of the machine can be conducted by a few start-stop buttons and HMI. If you have different products or packages that need to be changed, we can provide instructional videos to give you step-by-step tutorial. Also, the HMI has memory function, which is convenient for you to reload the settings in the future.


Q3:  If I buy your automatic packing machine, what technical support can I get?

Answer: Whether buying a food packing machine or a grocery packing machine, we will provide you with 24-hour online technical support. In addition, we can also provide you with instructional videos on the installation and daily commissioning and maintenance. For some big project with custom-made packing machine, our professional after-sales technicians can also provide on-site installation and commissioning services as per request (buyer should bear the cost for the service).

Q4: How do we build trust in the first business?
We believe that a win-win business must be based on our professional services and excellent products. Our team will fully study your needs, and clearly explain our products and solutions to you so that you can understand our services. We can take you to visit our modern factory through a video call, so that you can understand how your machine will be produced and let you know more about our products. Before delivery, we can cooperate with your partners to carry out factory acceptance test, or carry out acceptance through test video or video call. Make sure that the high quality packing machine you need is ready before shipment.

Q5:How can I find the custom packing machine I need?

Answer: We will fully communicate of the information of your products, packaging scheme, and feeding method. We have nearly 30 years of experience as a packing machine factory and can provide you with similar case videos for your reference. If necessary, we will ask you for samples of products and packing films for testing, in order to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you.


What is Vertical Packaging Machine?

A vertical packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment that is designed to package various products in a vertical orientation. It is a commonly used packing machine in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods fields.
Vertical packaging machines are versatile and can handle a wide range of packaging materials such as plastic films, laminates, and paper. These machines are capable of forming, filling, and sealing pouches or bags in a vertical direction.

How Does Vertical Packaging Machine Work?

The working process of the doypack vertical packaging machine consists of 10 steps.

Step 1: Product Feeding

The process typically begins with the loading of product into a hopper or feeding system. This product can be in the form of granules, powders, liquids, or solid pieces, depending on the application.

Step 2: Film Roll Unwinding

A roll of flexible packaging film is mounted on the machine. The film material can vary depending on the product and its requirements, such as barrier properties or aesthetics. The film is unwound and fed through the machine's system.

Step 3: Forming the Pouch

The film is guided through a series of rollers and forming stations that shape it into a tube. The tube is then sealed longitudinally, creating a continuous vertical tube.

Step 4: Product Filling

The product from the hopper is precisely measured and dispensed into the bottom of the pouch, which is now open at the bottom. The filling process is often done using augers, volumetric cups, or weighing systems, depending on the product's characteristics.

Step 5: Sealing the Pouch

Once the desired amount of product is dispensed into the pouch, the top of the pouch is sealed horizontally. This horizontal seal is often achieved using heated sealing bars, ultrasonic welding, or other sealing methods.

Step 6: Cutting and Separating

After sealing, the continuous tube of pouches is cut into individual pouches. The cutting is usually done using a rotating knife or similar cutting mechanism.

Step 7: Pouch Opening and Shaping

The sealed pouches may then pass through a station where they are opened, and air is removed to create the characteristic stand-up shape of Doypacks. This is often accomplished with vacuum or air pressure.

Step 8: Final Sealing

The top of the pouch is sealed to close the pouch. This is often done by heat sealing or with a zipper if a resealable feature is desired.
Step 9: Quality Control and Inspection

Many Doypack packaging machines are equipped with sensors and cameras to inspect the pouches for defects, ensuring that only properly filled and sealed pouches are sent for packaging.

Step 10: Finished Product Output

The filled and sealed Doypack pouches are then conveyed to the output station, where they can be collected, packed into boxes, or further processed for distribution.

How Many Bags Can The Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine Make Per Minute?

The doypack vertical packaging machine can pack about 20 to 100 bags per minute.

What is The Life Expectancy of A Packing Machine?

It depends on whether you make a proper maintainence for your doypack vertical packaging machine. In the ideal conditions, the life expentancy of a doypack vertical packaging machine ranges from 10 to 15 years.

What is A Pack Size Machine?

The doypack vertical packaging machine can pack the package that is 50-180mm long and 50-150mm wide.

Doypack Vertical Packaging Machine: Technical Parameters

Model ZL-180PX
Bagging size range L50-180mm
Packing speed 20-100 bags/min.
Packing film width 90-400mm
Packing material PP, PE, PVC, PS, EVA PET, PVDC+PVC, OPP/CPP etc.
Air consumption 6kg/cm²  80L/min. 
General power 5 kw
Power supply type 1Ph. 220V 50Hz
Machine weight 400Kg
Machine dimensions 1350 x 1000 x 1485mm