Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
  • Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
  • Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
  • Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
  • Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line
  • Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line

Automatic Shrimp Peeling Line


Shrimp peeling machine is a machine that can automatically process shrimp peeling and deveining. This product has many advantages, such as small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, can greatly reduce factory labor costs, training costs, and improve the stability of product quality. It is widely used in aquaculture and aquatic products processing industries. The automatic shrimp peeling machine can handle shrimps of different sizes, such as 21/25 to 61/70, etc.; and can meet different processing specifications, such as EZ peeling and different kinds of PTO (peeled tail on), etc.


Q1: How many people do you need to operate a commercial shrimp peeling machine?

Answer:Usually, one machine needs one operator to feed the shrimp.


Q2: I have shrimps of different sizes that need to be processed, can the small shrimp peeling machine meet my need?

Answer:  Prawn spec within the range of 21/25 to 61/70 is ok. For smaller size shrimp such as 71/90, the rate of peeling and deveining will be lower.

Q3:Is it convenient to change the spec of shrimp?

Answer:  Yes, it is. This professional shrimp peeling machine adopts a servo drive system, which greatly simplifies the adjustment of mechanical transmission components. In addition, the formula can be saved through HMI for quick recall when changing specifications. Compared with other competing products, easy commissioning is one of the advantages of our products. This advantage brings great convenience to our customers.

Q4: The factory needs many sets of modern shrimp peeling machine, can we have an automatic feeding system?

Answer:  Yes. We can customize a solution according to your production capacity and factory layout. Normally It configures with a working platform, in-feed conveyors and out-feed conveyors.

Q5:Is the daily maintenance of the shrimp peeling and deveining machine convenient?

Answer:  Yes. This high quality shrimp peeling machine adopts an independent electric box design, and the mechanical parts and conveyor belt can be washed directly with water. Daily cleaning is simple.



Technical Parameters:
Model HB-320
Shrimp peeling specification range 21/25-61/70
Max. capacity 70pcs shrimp/min.
Water consumption 120 L/h
Water pressure 0.4 MPa
General power 1.5 kw
Power supply type AC220V 50Hz
Machine weight 230 Kg
Machine dimensions 930 x 1040 x 1300mm

Splitting & Peeling style:
Headless shrimp E-Z Peeling Style Tail- On 2 to 5 Tail- On Deep Cut
Tail-On Butterfly Split Tail- On Gradual Cut Tail- Off Completely Peel
Headed shrimp Shell Split 1-6 Tail- On Completely Split