Dumpling Machine

Soontrue is a dumpling making & dumpling packaging machine manufacturer, wholesaling dumpling packing machine and dumpling making machines. Scroll below to learn more details about our dumpling making machine. And, you can contact us to get the product catalog of the dumpling packing machine.
Then our dumpling making machine can make dumplings in various shapes automatically, such as goldfish shaped, lace dumplings, siomai, and other kinds of stuffing dumplings. It’s widely used in food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, school and company canteens, military units, and other places.
This dumpling making machine can make high-quality dumplings, with a thin wrapper and a suitable amount of stuffing. The dumplings made are not easy to break when you steam or boil them. The thickness of the wrapper and the amount of dumpling stuffing can both be adjusted according to your need.