Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine
  • Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine

Tissue Paper Cartoning Machine

Mainly used for cartoning bakery food, snack food, frozen food, medicine, daily necessities and any other solid product automatically.


Cartoning Machine

Since 1993, Soontrue has become a domestic leader in the field of design and production of packaging machinery. With a team of over 100 engineers and technicians, strong R&D capabilities and rich industry experience, our product line has been expanding constantly. The horizontal cartooning machine automatically completes steps as product feeding, carton erecting, cartooning for glue flap carton or tuck flap carton. The qualified pass rate is high, and the appearance is beautiful. Accurately and smoothly complete the action of cartoning, that makes our cartoner have a very wide range of applications in food, daily necessities, chemicals, medical and other industries.

Cartoning Machine Features

In addition, working with Soontrue’s horizontal packaging machine, vertical packing machine and other packaging machinery, it can effectively improve the automation of the entire production line and reduce labor costs.

Product advantages
  • Using sheet metal structure, beautiful and simple, easy to operate.
  • 7-8 servo-drive systems, with independent control, functions of in-feed detection, glue detection and so on.
  • Dual-servo push and feed control, stable and precise cartooning
  • Adopt motion controller, stable and reliable operation.
  • HMI with memory function, convenient for product and carton specs changeover, easy to operate.
  •  A number of safety protection measures, fault self-diagnosis function, easy for fault display.

Q1: Can tuck flap carton and glue flap carton be used on the same model of cartoner
Answer: No, it cannot. Because the tuck flap carton and glue flap carton require different mechanical motions to complete the cartooning steps, different models need to be used. In addition, the folding carton needs to be of the reverse tuck end (RTE) type.
Q2: I'm worried that I don't know how to operate your machine
Answer: Do not worry. Our horizontal cartoner is servo controlled, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of operation and commissioning. Most of the daily operation of the machine can be conducted by a few start-stop buttons and HMI. We can also provide instructional videos to give you step-by-step tutorial if necessary.
Q3: If I buy your carton packing machine, what technical support can I get?
Answer: We will provide you with 24-hour online technical support. In addition, we can also provide you with instructional videos on the installation and daily commissioning and maintenance. For some customized automatic packing line with cartoner machine, our professional after-sales technicians can also provide on-site installation and commissioning services as per request (buyer should bear the cost for the service).
Q4: How do we build trust in the first business?
Answer: We believe that a win-win business must be based on our professional services and excellent products. Our team will fully study your needs, and clearly explain our products and solutions to you so that you can understand our services. We can take you to visit our modern factory through a video call, so that you can understand how your machine will be produced and let you know more about our products. Before delivery, we can cooperate with your partners to carry out factory acceptance test, or carry out acceptance through test video or video call. Make sure that the automatic carton packing machine you need is ready before shipment.
Q5: How can I find the suitable automatic cartoning machine I need?
Answer:  We will fully communicate of the information of your tissue, including the width and diameter of the jumbo roll, pattern type, paper thickness, grammage etc.
We have nearly 30 years of experience as a machinery manufacturer and can provide you with similar case videos for your reference. If necessary, we will ask you for samples of your tissue paper and packaging films for testing, in order to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you.
Technical Parameters:
Model ZH120 ZH200 ZH300
Carton size range L140-250mm
L 120-250mm
W 45-180mm
H 30-100mm
L 150-300mm
W 45-240mm
H 30-100mm
Cartoning speed 50-100boxs/min 30-70 boxs/min. 20-60 boxs/min
General power (KW) 9.5KW 9.5KW 9.5KW
Power supply type 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Machine weight 1100Kg 900Kg 950Kg
Machine dimensions 4525x1960x1840mm 4263×1715×1900 mm 4452x1810x1915 mm
Type of carton gule flap folding carton (ZH-200 with optional model for tuck-in flap carton)
tissue carton machine