Turn table feeding system
Turn table feeding system
  • Turn table feeding system
  • Turn table feeding system
  • Turn table feeding system
  • Turn table feeding system
  • Turn table feeding system

Turn table feeding system

Mainly used for packing various regular and solid products such as wafer stick, wafer roll, beef roll, hard candy, marshmallow and so on.


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The packing line automatically distributes up to several thousand products per minute to various individual flow wrapping machines. Work with bakery production line to achieve no worker contact and interference and high efficiency.

The packaging line Features

1. This system can be customized as per the plant and product capacity of customer.
2. This packing system includes turn-plate unit, transition feeding unit, automatic feeding unit and packing unit.
3. This packing system adopts centripetal force to arrange product feeding, is mainly used for packing bar shape products. Packing speed can be auto-adjustable according to products feeding speed.



The packing line can accommodate a wide variety of products from your processing line, including:

Wafer stick

Wafer roll
Beef roll

Hard candy




Q1: If I buy your machine, what technical support can I get?

Whether buying a single packaging machine or an automatic packaging line, we will provide you with 24-hour online technical support. In addition, we can also provide you with instructional videos on the installation and daily commissioning and maintenance. For some big automatic packing line project, our professional after-sales technicians can also provide on-site installation and commissioning services as per request (buyer should bear the cost for the service).

Q2: How do we build trust in the first business?

We believe that a win-win business must be based on our professional services and excellent products. Our team will fully study your needs, and clearly explain our products and solutions to you so that you can understand our services. We can take you to visit our modern factory through a video call, so that you can understand how your machine will be produced and let you know more about our products. Before delivery, we can cooperate with your partners to carry out factory acceptance test, or carry out acceptance through test video or video call. Make sure that the machine you need is ready before shipment.

Q3: How can I find the packaging solution I need?

We will fully communicate of the information of your products, packaging scheme, and feeding method. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the packaging industry and can provide you with similar case videos for your reference. If necessary, we will ask you for samples of products and packaging films for testing, in order to find the most suitable and cost-effective packaging solution for you.

Our service:

1.Professional and experienced after sales team for field installation & maintenance service.
2.Proficient English communication.
3.24 hours Online service
4.Remote diagnose & resolve problem.
5.Sufficient spare parts supply.
6.One-year warranty of machine.
Technical Parameters:
Model Turn table feeding system
Turn-plate diameter 1000 mm
Packing speed 50-350 bags/min.
General power 5.5 Kw
Motor power 3.8 Kw
Power supply type 1Ph. 220V 50Hz
Weight 1200 Kg
Overall diameter 6000 x 1000 x 850mm