XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
  • XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
  • XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
  • XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
  • XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine
  • XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine

XSJ10A Integrated dumpling machine

Used for making lace dumping or any kinds of stuffing dumpling.


Easy operation: With humanity design, the entire machine just has 8 buttons. Easy to use the machine by new worker.
Easy cleaning: The dough rolling system for adopts cantilever design, there is no sanitary dead angle on machine. Tool-free design of filling system, easy to disassemble the regular parts for cleaning. It takes less than 30 min. to clean the whole machine. (The actual time depends on the worker’s proficiency.)
Economical and efficient: This machine adopts new patent for the dough rolling system with offcut returning device and dumpling forming system. Compared with the traditional dumpling machine, this integrated dumpling machine has lower requirements on the dough and stuffing, higher efficiency in the use of the dough and higher yield.

CE, ISO9001

Packing & Delivery:
Packing details: Packed in export standard wooden cases
Port of loading: Any port in China

Payment term:
T/T, LC etc.

Q1: Does the dumpling maker machine have the function of flour mixing?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. The dumpling wrapper machine can only make dumpling skins from dough. You need an additional dough mixer to make the dough first, then put it in dough bucket of the machine.
Q2:Does the dumpling wrapping machine have leftover dumpling skins recycle function?
Answer: Yes, it does. The leftover dumpling skins will be recycled through the entrance in the middle of the turntable and sent back to the dough bucket for use. This design can save materials and effectively reduce production costs.
Q3:Can a machine produce dumplings of different shapes by changing molds?
Answer: No, it can’t. Since the forming process of different dumplings is different, each dumpling machine can only make dumplings of a specific shape. We highly recommend one machine for one shape in order to improve daily production efficiency.
Q4:Is the dumpling making machine easy to operate?
Answer: Yes, it is. The thickness of the professional dumpling machine is adjusted by three rollers, which is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the machine uses a combination of servo motors and stepping motors, and most of the adjustments are realized through the HMI, which is easy to operate.

Q5:Is the daily maintenance of the dumpling wrapping machine convenient?
Answer: Yes, it is. The dough pressing area on the left can be cleaned with compressed air. In the dumpling forming area on the right, can be washed with water. And the stuffing filling assembly is with tool-free quick disassembly design.

dumpling packing machine
Technical Parameters:
Model XSJ10A
Dumpling pattern 18g Lace dumpling (Customizable)
Forming type Imitated hand-made,Wrapping type 
Forming molds numbers 8 group
Capacity 40-60 pcs/min.(Depends on product process)
General power 4.7 kw
Power supply type 1Ph. 220V 50Hz
Machine weight 550Kg
Machine dimensions 1365 x 1500 x 1400mm

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