XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine
  • XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine

XYT10A Wonton Goldfish Shaped Dumpling Machine

The dumpling making machine is a machine that can automatically make dumplings. With pre-made dough and stuffing, the automatic dumpling machine can complete the processes of skin pressing & making, stuffing filling, and dumpling forming. This product can greatly improve the stability of product quality, reduce labor costs, and is widely used in large canteens, frozen dumpling production enterprises and chain restaurants. The dumpling machine can make dumplings of various shapes, such as lace dumplings, hand-made dumplings, goldfish wontons, siu mai, etc. In the future, more dumpling shapes will be developed to meet the needs of different markets.


  • Stainless steel machine body with sandblasting treatment, beautiful and durable
  • 3-stage dumpling skin pressing area, with skin recycling design, saving material cost
  • Servo control system, precise mechanical motion for skin making, stuffing filling and dumpling forming, realizing nice dumpling appearance and good taste
  • The filling system adopts tool-free quick disassembly design, daily cleaning can be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Optimized dumpling forming molds, making dumplings beautiful in appearance, good in taste, and high in pass rate
  • High production capacity up to 40-60 pcs/min, flexible options for different dumpling unit weight

Q1:Does the dumpling maker machine have the function of flour mixing?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. The dumpling wrapper machine can only make dumpling skins from dough. You need an additional dough mixer to make the dough first, then put it in dough bucket of the machine.

Q2:Does the dumpling wrapping machine have leftover dumpling skins recycle function?
Answer: Yes, it does. The leftover dumpling skins will be recycled through the entrance in the middle of the turntable and sent back to the dough bucket for use. This design can save materials and effectively reduce production costs.

Q3: Can a machine produce dumplings of different shapes by changing molds?
Answer: No, it can’t. Since the forming process of different dumplings is different, each dumpling machine can only make dumplings of a specific shape. We highly recommend one machine for one shape in order to improve daily production efficiency.

Q4: Is the dumpling making machine easy to operate?
Yes, it is. The thickness of the professional dumpling machine is adjusted by three rollers, which is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the machine uses a combination of servo motors and stepping motors, and most of the adjustments are realized through the HMI, which is easy to operate.

Q5: Is the daily maintenance of the dumpling wrapping machine convenient?
Yes, it is. The dough pressing area on the left can be cleaned with compressed air. In the dumpling forming area on the right, can be washed with water. And the stuffing filling assembly is with tool-free quick disassembly design.

What technical support for machine installation and commissioning can I get?
We have professional technical engineers to give you on line support. We can provide you with instructional videos for the installation and daily commissioning and maintenance. Online video call tutorial is also available for special cases.
For some custom-made solutions, our experienced after-sales technicians can also provide on-site installation and commissioning services on buyers cost (except special period, such as COVID-19).

What is Wonton Packing Machine?

The wonton packing machine is a special food packing machine engineered to packing the wonton. The wonton is a Chinese traditional food. They typically consist of a thin dough wrapper filled with a mixture of ingredients, such as minced meat, seafood, vegetables, and seasonings.

The woton making machine and wonton packing machine were launched by Soontrue, a China food packing machine manufacturer. Soontrue has researched the food packing machine for over 2 decades.
Technical Parameters:
Model XYT10A
Dumpling pattern 10-20(G)
Forming type Wrapping type 
Forming molds numbers 8 group
Capacity 30-60 pcs/min.(Depends on product process)
General power 4.7 kw
Power supply type 1Ph. 220V 50Hz
Machine weight 550Kg
Machine dimensions 1360 x 1550 x 1400mm